Beverage Service

Folding Bar; Walnut
42”H x 42”W x 18”D

Folding Bar; Pewter Brush
43"H x 43"W at base,
50" W at top x 20"D

Table top bar;
4' white

Bi-level bar,
5' serpentine
black or white skirting

Electric Coffee Maker; Aluminum;
36 cup
100 cup

Electric Coffee Maker; Stainless Steel
55-cup, "Regal"

Electric Hot Water maker;
36 cup
84 - 100 cup

Drip Tray for spigot

Juice Dispenser;
7.5 qt acrylic and metal center cylinder for ice

Beverage Dispenser;
3 gallon, acrylic

Silver Coffee Urn;
50 cup
Urn w/ tray, creamer & sugar

Virgo Urn;
3 gallon stainless steel with brass trim

Stainless Steel Coffee Urn;
3 gallon
5 gallon
*requires sterno

Silver Servers;
Coffee or Tea

Silver Coffee & Tea Service;
Coffee & Tea Server, Creamer & Sugar and Tray

Creamer & Sugar;


Hammered Stainless Steel 64oz.

Plastic 60oz.

Wine Carafe;
1 liter

Coffee Server;
Stainless Steel 32oz.

Coffee Server;
Black plastic 42oz.

Coffee Server;
White plastic 42oz.

Coffee Server;
Stainless Steel 48oz.

Coffee Server;
3 liter air pot

Stackable Dispenser;
Hot/Cold 2.5 gallon
5 gallon
5 gallon (cold only)

Insulated Dispenser;
Igloo, cold only
5 gallon
10 gallon

Punch Bowl;
2.5 gallon pewter
pewter ladle

Punch Bowl;
3 gallon silver
punch bowl w/tray
silver ladle

Punch Bowl; stainless steel
7 gallon
Side-pouring ladle,

champagne or punch 5 gallon

Beverage container;
stainless steel, hammered double wall construction

Large tub;
colored plastic

Small tub;
assorted colors

Galvanized tub;

Beverage Cooler;
galvanized small oval

Beverage Cooler;
acrylic w/ stand 20" x 12" x 5"

Beverage Cooler;
plastic terracotta 27" x 12" x 10"

Beverage Cooler;
oval, hammered stainless

Beverage Cooler;
oval, ornate brass tone

Beverage Cooler;
small oval, copper w/brass handles

Ice Bucket;
stainless steel

Wine/Champagne Cooler;
Silver, single bottle

Wine Cooler;
acrylic, single bottle

Ice chest;
12.5 gallon plastic

Ice chest;
30 gallon plastic