Floor Lamp;

Floor lamp, Cambridge verdi $ 26.60

Floor Lamp;

Floor lamp, Omega black $ 24.00

Floor Lamp;

Floor lamp, Patio, white 4 globes $ 53.20

Cafe String Light;

Café String Lights, 48′ long, 24 clear bulbs $ 99.80

String Light;

String Lights, 25′ long, 8 white globe bulbs $37.30

String Light;

String Lights, 50′ long, 31 white globe bulbs $ 67.90


Chandelier, for tents, 4 globes $ 46.60

Outdoor Heater; Tabletop

Outdoor Table Top “Torchfire”, 3′ tall w/propane
Outdoor Table Top “Torchfire”, 3′ tall no propane* $ 59.50
* uses camping size propane canister, customer provides

Outdoor Heater; 7' tall

Outdoor Propane Heater, 7′ tall “Torchfire” $ 166.40

Outdoor Heater; 8' tall

Outdoor Propane Heater, 8′ tall “Mushroom” $ 113.10
Outdoor Propane Heater, 9′ tall “Collapsible” black $ 113.10

Outdoor Heater;

Floor standing 3’H x 16”W x 16”D w/ propane

Tent Heater;

Tent Heater; Forced air propane and electric

California Proposition 65 Warning: The burning of gas cooking or heating fuels (and certain components contained in this product) generates some by-products such as carbon monoxide- which are on a list of substances known by the state of California to cause cancer or reproductive harm. California law requires businesses to warn customers of potential exposure to such substances. To minimize your exposure to such substances always operate this appliance in accordance with our Use & Care Guide (Owner’s Manual) ensuring you provide good ventilation when cooking with gas. For detailed information please see official California Prop 65 website: www.p65warnings.ca.gov